Established in 2001, Flood Editions is an independent publishing house
for poetry and short fiction based in Chicago. We publish four or five
titles each year, including first books, volumes by established writers,
and reprints. All our books are finely designed, smythe-sewn paperbacks.

Flood Editions was incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
in 2003. We encourage you to support our publishing efforts through
donations. Our books have been made possible in part through
grants from the Tanne Foundation, the Elizabeth Firestone Graham
Foundation, the Illinois Arts Council, and individual contributors.

Direct any questions to the editors, Michael O’Leary and Devin Johnston:

Flood Editions
Post Office Box 3865
Chicago, IL 60654-0865

Jeff Clark serves as design director for Flood Editions.
For more information on his design and composition, see: